Cloud Log Management and Business Intelligence Solution

Real-time cloud log management and business intelligence with no resource limits or hardware needs, ready to go in 30 seconds!

All Details of Your Company Livestreaming on Dashboard

LOGGUARD creates custom dashboards so you can watch all the intricate details of your company live - from Internet activities of your employees to vulnerabilities of your systems, from most profitable products of any given time to time and location of your customers visiting your websites.

Unlimited Cloud

LOGGUARD rescues you from investment and management of servers and software licenses. You can access all your data anytime anywhere without worrying about speed limits, capacity planning or backups.

The LOGGUARD Difference

Correct Compliance

You will have true compliance by ensuring data completeness and correctness.

Instant Install

Your system is ready in 30 seconds without allocating time and money for servers and installations.

Global Compatibility

You can store and analyze the most detailed records from all of your systems.

Live Actions

You can watch events unfold in real-time so you can take action immediately.

Real-Time Timestamping

LOGGUARD protects your data by timestamping twice using historical data to ensure proofing.

Detailed Reports

LOGGUARD creates detailed reports of every kind of action, event or users, so you can take actions rapidly with necessary information.

Unlimited Cloud

No event per second or daily data limitations, no capacity planning. All your data is safe on our unlimited cloud storage.


Receive email and SMS alerts for unexpected events.

Live Dashboards

You will watch all details of your company with custom live dashboards.